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Proven Results

We are solely focused on making sure that athletes we manage are on top of their games, whether it is on- or off-the-pitch.

Expert Managers

Our talented team of managers provides nothing less than stellar service in supporting athletes’ success in sports and business initiatives.

Solid Track Record

Maestro Sports has an excellent track record in handling athletes’ professional needs, from contract negotiations to brand management.

Who We Are

MAESTRO Sports is a Chicago-based sports management agency that provides professional services for athletes in their handling of legal, professional, branding and marketing activities. From negotiating their contracts to wealth management, we have long served as a one-stop lounge for professional athletes in the U.S. and Europe to help improve their performance both on the pitch and outside their sports life.

Our Mission

We believe that athletes should only focus on their success on the pitch. That’s why Maestro Sports is here to help manage athletes’ needs in a hassle-free fashion. You need a lawyer to look out for your best interest? You got it covered. You need a terrific team of creative minds to manage your brand and marketing? Sit back and let us manage your reputation. You need business managers with a solid track record to handle your wealth? Maestro Sports can seamlessly handle all that so that you can focus on winning on the pitch.


We have been managing professional athletes in the U.S. and Europe, including their brand management, legal support and workout training.


Our athletes are family. Like lawyer-client or doctor-patient, confidentiality is our top priority.

Talented Team

We are working with only the most talented and experienced managers in providing legal support, marketing or sports-related professional support.

Our Services


Contract Negotiation

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How We Work

Our Usual Process

Free Consultation. We get together for a series of brief meetings, listen to your needs and exchange thoughts on how we can help you.
Discovery. Our managers hold meetings with you, your assistants, lawyers or financial advisers to grasp the whole picture for your needs.
Roadmap. We draft a roadmap for all your professional off-pitch needs, including legal, medical support, wealth management or brand marketing.
Service. This is obviously an ongoing process. For each service, we will assign an experienced manager who will take care of all your needs.
Communication. We are proud on our commitment to communicate effectively. While a number of experienced professionals will handle your needs, you will have only one point of contact.

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We will sit down with you to get to know you better to better serve you.

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Our team will chart a roadmap for your needs, both for one-time and ongoing services.

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As soon as we have everything ready, we will start rocking.

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