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Maestro Sports is a leading agency in managing athletes on- and off-the-court.

MAESTRO Sports is a premium sports management agency that provides professional services for athletes in their handling of legal, professional, branding and marketing activities. From negotiating their contracts to wealth management, we have long served as a one-stop lounge for professional athletes in the U.S. and Europe to help improve their performance both on the pitch and outside their sports life.

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We have been managing professional athletes in the U.S. and Europe, including their brand management, legal support and workout training.



Our athletes are family. Like lawyer-client or doctor-patient, confidentiality is our top priority.


Talented Team

We are working with only the most talented and experienced managers in providing legal support, marketing or sports-related professional support.



We are using cutting-edge solutions for marketing, branding and other types of solutions for our athletes.

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Technology requires knowledge and expertise more than it requires money.

We are part of Maestro Corporate Group, a leading private venture, business consultancy, marketing and media group in the Midwest, which has dozens of specialized companies under its portfolio that allows us to utilize their services. With a robust financial experience, ingenuity in media, marketing and branding, and tireless handling of all our athletes’ legal, medical and workout needs, Maestro Sports is your lawyer, financial adviser and salesperson.

Brand Marketing

MAESTRO provides an optimal online strategy and solutions for our clients where clients’ digital and social media footprints are established and/or improved. If our client’s do not have social media or an official website, our marketing and creative team will help set up and promote.

Medical/Rehab Support

In the case of injury, or nagging physical issues, MAESTRO helps source medical support to provide our clients the best medical and rehabilitation programs. Our goal is the client’s fast return on the basketball courts. We help locate the best doctors for specific surgeries and checkups.

Legal Support

Our legal experts are experienced and highly successful in advising on any issues which our clients might come across such as employment agreements, including Contract Negotiations, Marketing deals, Endorsements, and Sponsorships.

Wealth Management

MAESTRO Sports has an accounting department that can provide not only tax support by preparing and staying up to date on your taxes, but financial planning for life after basketball through investments or general financial planning.

Pre-Season Training Sessions

Our agency works with some of the best off-season basketball coaches and conditioning trainers. We set up workouts on dates that best accommodate your schedule with some of the most elite trainers in the industry. In most cases, you can train with other NBA or professional basketball players.

Contract Negotiation

MAESTRO Sports has long served as a one-stop lounge for professional athletes in the U.S. and Europe to help them navigate negotiating contracts, including sponsorships and endorsements.

Visual Branding

Work With Best Designers

Our top-notch designers will build your visual branding, including your logo, business card, and other stationery.

Professional Creative Services

Get Your Best Shot

Both at our studio and elsewhere, our professional photographers and videographers will shed a light on you!

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